The New Year Brings Fun!

IMG_1144Let’s be honest, the Holiday Season is special!  Time spent with family and friends is both relaxing and rewarding, but at Vina de Lestonnac it can be a bit lonely.  Sure we get to have fun and sing with the Sisters, but it’s just not the same without groups on property.  Most of our retreat staff gets at least a week if not two weeks off as the retreat center follows the same pattern every year.  This year (as evidenced in my New Year’s Eve post “Winter Wonderland”) we even got five inches of snow in the Temecula Valley and surrounding mountains!

Yes, the holidays are great but it sure is nice to get back to the business of hosting groups!  The sun has been shining and the retreat center is bustling again.  Pictured above is some of our annual hooligans from the ARETOY Quilt shop in Oceanside!  These gals know how to have a great time and make the retreat center lively during their stay.  We look forward to seeing Lynn and the group next January, and for all of the upcoming groups- we’re ready to welcome you back!  Let’s make 2015 the best year at Vina de Lestonnac yet!